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Romantic Wedding Reception Concepts in Tagaytay

April 07, 2021

Romantic Wedding Reception Concepts in Tagaytay

Picking out wedding concepts and themes are one of the challenges that every couple experience in planning their once in a lifetime event. Pinterest has been our utmost source of inspiration, and it has always been a challenge to find someone credible to execute such themes in the Philippines. Though there has been a prime place in the Philippines that became an exception due to its natural blending capabilities with event styles and concepts: Tagaytay.

Tagaytay may sound intimidating, but it’s not. Tagaytay has been a venue almost from everyone. Every couple deserves to have a wedding similar to Moira where they took their vows overlooking Taal Volcano. Which boils down to our point of discussion: What themes perfectly fit Tagaytay?

Rustic Wedding

Wood, grass, warm lights, and everything nice. Rustic themed weddings are the top-of-mind since it seamlessly blend with the gardens and hidden taverns of Tagaytay. Rustic means laid back, an out of town experience that your guests will surely love.


Greenery Wedding

If you feel to have a relaxing view with eucalyptus scents lingering through those sinuses of yours, I think this is the one for you. Millennials now opt for these nowadays to get away from the mainstream themes of grandeur and those massive candelabras. How about shooting stars and blue skies as your drapings? Sounds exciting, isn’t it?


Modern Minimalist Wedding

Minimal is the new loud. Whites with floral toppings gives more emphasis to food and the overall experience. Finding a catering service provider who provides beautifully presented food will make your event a holistic experience. Again, less is more.


Bohemian Wedding

Show your unconventional-ism through bohemian designs! Bohemian themed weddings are beautiful once properly executed. String lights would make your event even better, together with colorful free flowing fabrics along your dream wedding aisle. Sounds like an attainable dream, huh?


Vintage Wedding

A distinct taste and preferences in style. Imagine your reception having 1960 items and the likes. Your Tagaytay wedding reception style shall never go out of style with this theme. Colors best for this momentous event are earth colors, sage green, champagne, and grey. Which one is yours?


Each of us has a distinct taste when it comes to style. It’s better to show off your true self! Bring back stories of your life and how love was nurtured all throughout. It may be Tagaytay, Manila, or any other places in the Philippines. Regardless of what venue your reception would be, having a theme that would perfectly fit your personality shall work best, hundred percent.

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