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Weddings at Leanel's Garden by Town's Delight

June 03, 2021

Weddings at Leanel's Garden by Town's Delight

Tagaytay has always been an idyllic spot for holidaymakers seeking to escape the hubbub of the metropolis. The city's cool climate entices tourists to unwind in this side of Cavite and relax their senses.

Apart from tourists, couples who are looking forward to tying the knot also explore different sites in Tagaytay. They check out different event spaces in the cozy city that might be suitable for the big wedding they have been dreaming of.

Tagaytay has many wedding reception venues to offer. From posh air-conditioned ballrooms to serene outdoor wedding venues, the city is home to a plethora of event spaces where you can enjoy your big day.


Over the years, the wedding industry has witnessed and experienced numerous changes from themes, fashion, venues, and receptions. As for wedding venues, more and more couples now opt for the outdoors such as beaches, mountainside, cliffs, and gardens.

Among these outdoor wedding venues, many soon-to-wed couples see gardens as an ideal wedding venue. Gardens provide a relaxing atmosphere to almost everyone. It reconnects the human senses to nature. Gardens serve as haven and respite for busy individuals. Many couples also want to incorporate this idea of calmness and serenity in their weddings.


If you are looking for garden event spaces to hold your wedding, Tagaytay in Cavite has a lot to offer. With its cool and breezy climate, Tagaytay is a home for some of the best gardens in the south of Manila. Gardens in this cool city are also within a short drive from the bustling Philippine capital.

Take for example the gorgeous indoor and outdoor wedding ceremony or reception spaces at Leanel's Garden in Tagaytay.

An Overview of Weddings at Leanel's Garden in Tagaytay

Leanel's Garden in Tagaytay features artistically landscaped gardens and water fixtures such as ponds, fountains, and an infinity pool. Couples will definitely have fun with their wedding pictorial at this Tagaytay wedding ceremony and reception venue while guests can surely take quick walks to unwind around the area.


Tagaytay Leanel's Garden is situated along Daang Luma and is close to local churches such as Iglesia Ni Cristo - Lokal ng Northern Tagaytay, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church, and Church of Christ in Tagaytay.

Leanel's Garden in Tagaytay provides two wedding ceremony or reception venues. It has an elegant indoor function hall and a gorgeous outdoor garden for your big day in Tagaytay.

Weddings at the Rustic Glass Pavilion of Leanel's Garden in Tagaytay

Leanel's Garden in Tagaytay features a rustic-inspired indoor wedding ceremony or reception venue called the Glass Pavilion. This stunning structure at the property makes for an elegant wedding in the midst of cool Tagaytay.


The Glass Pavilion at Leanel's Garden in Tagaytay can accommodate up to 150 seated wedding guests.

Bigger Weddings at the Gorgeous Garden Venue of Leanel's Garden in Tagaytay

Leanel's Garden in Tagaytay also boasts an artistically landscaped garden which is spacious enough if you are planning to have a big wedding. The garden makes for a tranquil wedding while having the natural beauty of Tagaytay as your backdrop.


The garden at Leanel's Garden in Tagaytay can accommodate outdoor wedding ceremony or reception venues for 200 to 300 visitors.

Blushing Blooms: Floral Wedding Theme at Leanel's Garden

What can suit a garden wedding reception venue more like Leanel's Garden in Tagaytay than an all-out floral garden wedding theme itself.


Aside from the fact that it makes wedding planning easier, going for an all-out flora wedding theme at a garden wedding amplifies the ambiance of the wedding reception venue as well.

Check out these suggestions to pull off an all-out wedding theme on your big day at Leanel's Garden in Tagaytay.

Lush Green Centerpieces

Bring the garden to your wedding reception tables without boring your guests. Apart from green plants as centerpieces, make use of bold ornaments like gold compote vases and metal table numbers to make table arrangements stand out.


Flowers On Your Wedding Cake

Dress your wedding cake with fresh flowers (or even edible flowers) to match it with your venue.


Botanical-inspired Ornaments

Table numbers with botanical-inspired design are also a favorite garden wedding ideas. Pair them with bell jars and moss to create an enchanted garden wedding theme.


Floor-length Dresses For Your Bridesmaid

Ask your maid of honor and bridesmaids to wear long gowns that reach the floor to create a serene, ethereal, and romantic look.


Floral Wedding Invitations

Incorporate subtle pastel colors, watercolor details, calligraphy, and floral design on your invitations. This will allow your visitors to have a feel of what they would expect on your luxurious garden wedding at Leanel's Garden in Tagaytay.


Majestic Blooms

Roses are staple flowers for any wedding bouquet as it signifies everlasting love. Aside from timeless roses, throw in other flowers that would make for a classic white and ivory wedding bouquet such as peonies and calla lilies.


Have A Premier Local Caterer To Make An Impact On Your Event

For delightful yet hassle-free wedding planning, have Town's Delight as your event stylist and catering service.

Town's Delight Catering & Events has been in the catering service and wedding industry for over 45 years. They have always been dedicated in bringing expertly crafted cuisines to many outstanding weddings in the past and is even more committed to make your wedding day amazing with their delectable cooking. They always value food safety and delivery assurance for an outstanding catering service.


Town's Delight also provides distinct event styling that surely uplift the ambiance and mood at your wedding reception venue in Tagaytay. They can even suggest a wedding theme and styling that would blend perfectly with your chosen wedding reception venue at Leanel's Garden in Tagaytay.

Also, Town's Delight is proudly a Cavite-premium local. It is well-known by industry experts in the South.

Make your wedding day at Leanel's Garden in Tagaytay truly noteworthy with Town's Delight Catering & Events.

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