Tasteful Date for Two: Food Rehearsal at its Best

Couples naturally aspire for a perfect wedding—perfect partner, perfect venue, perfect weather, perfect program and, of course, perfect food—all these because they will have this romantic event but once in their life.

Town’s Delight – a 41-year tradition of culinary artistry –settles for nothing but the most delightful cuisines served to perfection with personalized touch for every loving couple we co-create happiness with.

Our Tasteful Date for Two at The Red Barn Kitchen is not just about food appreciation experience; it serves as every couple’s food rehearsal for their big event. Our lovely soon-to-weds are set up to relish our full-course cuisines that will be served on their wedding. If they prefer to adjust the taste according to their desired savor and flavor, including those of their guests and loved ones, the Tasteful Date makes a perfect time to co-create the food taste with them.

Giving the couples the first taste to what we plan to serve in their event would give them assurance that the culinary delights they would offer their guests have been  amply ‘rehearsed’ and meticulously chosen.

Experience your food rehearsal through a Tasteful Date with us at Town’s Delight, where your wedding event turns into a bountiful wellspring of delightful moments to be kept for a lifetime.


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