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Wedding Themes at St. Benedict Church

September 27, 2020

Wedding Themes at St. Benedict Church

Wedding themes dictate the overall unified look of your big day in Metro Tagaytay. You do not only need to incorporate your selected wedding theme at your reception venue, but in your ceremony at St. Benedict Church in Silang as well.


Here are some great ideas for wedding themes and wedding reception venues for your momentous day at St. Benedict Church.

Elegant Español Wedding Theme at Alta Veranda de Tibig

Nestled within Santa Rosa Area in the municipality of Silang, Alta Veranda de Tibig makes for a wonderful wedding venue. This Metro Tagaytay wedding venue is surrounded by known attractions in the area such as Ayala Westgrove Heights and South Forbes Golf City.

Clients searching to amplify the mood of timeless romance in their wedding while enjoying a vintage atmosphere find respite at Alta Veranda de Tibig in Silang, Cavite -- a gateway to Tagaytay City. This wedding venue has structures that feature classic and magnificent Spanish-Filipino architectural design.


Weddings at Alta Veranda de Tibig also provide opportunities to couples to have gorgeous sprawling landscapes as their background. From this property, guests can use the scenic views of Laguna de Bay and Mt. Makiling as their backdrop whilst enjoying the cool Tagaytay breeze.

Alta Veranda de Tibig features three wedding venues suitable to the preferences and wishes of any couple planning a wedding in Tagaytay. These wedding venues include El Pabelion de Jardin, Daisy’s Garden, & Plaza Guevarra.


The juxtaposed palettes of orange and violet can create a dramatic yet beautiful tension for a glamorous Spanish wedding theme at Alta Veranda de Tibig Tagaytay. Couples can use flowers that has vivid colors to as eye-catching centerpieces. Any bold colors that complement each other will do to mirror the Spanish culture at weddings at Alta Veranda de Tibig in Tagaytay.

Tasteful Classic Wedding Theme at Farm Hills Garden

Classic weddings feature whitewashed decor from bottom to top with few pastel accents and floral decor. These kinds of weddings best take place in indoor venues such as hotel ballrooms or pavilions.

For a classic wedding in Metro Tagaytay, make sure that everyone in the entourage wears the same. White barong or suit and tie for men while the ladies wear the same elegant bridesmaid dresses.


Use a single variety of flowers for the floral arrangement. Classic weddings usually lean on the formal side of celebrations so you would want to make sure that everything looks sleek and clean.

This wedding theme would be perfect at Farm Hills Garden at Brgy. Ulat in Silang, Cavite.

Farm Hills Garden gives off an elegant vibe suitable for a tasteful classic feel for your big day in Metro Tagaytay. This property is situated in the midst of lush gardens and pine trees that work perfectly as a picturesque backdrop or a tantalizing sight.


The Farm Hills Garden in Silang, Cavite provides an air-conditioned function hall suitable for an indoor wedding reception in Metro Tagaytay. The wedding reception venue can accommodate up to 200 guests.

Glitz'd and Glammed Wedding Theme at The Pulo

This wedding theme is all about art deco or the glitz and glamour of the modern age. An art deco wedding theme requires pieces that are flashy, metallic and opulent.

Be sure to incorporate metallic modern fixtures when decorating your wedding reception venue in Tagaytay. Utilize geometric designs on your centerpieces or even in your invitations. You can also make use of sequined table cloths to add to the art deco ambiance.


For your band, hire a big jazz band to reverberate the glamorous vibe at your wedding reception venue in Metro Tagaytay. Also, do not forget that wine tower for that opulent toasting.

Have your glitz'd and glammed up wedding reception venue at The Pulo.


The Pulo in the cozy town of Silang, Cavite provides an idyllic wedding reception venue for the modern couple. This property is located just within 10 minutes away from the comforts of the Tagaytay city center. The Pulo in Silang invites lovers to tuck away at their spaces surrounded by lavish greens and beautiful landscapes.

The Pulo offers an air-conditioned function hall for your art deco wedding in Metro Tagaytay. This property can cater up to 200 persons.

Carefree Boho Wedding Theme at Casa Grande Flora

Every bohemian wedding feature chic designs with minimal effort. Although designs and decor are not that intricate, a bohemian wedding theme does not mean that the overall look for your wedding reception venue is compromised. It is just that a boho wedding is simple yet eye-catching as it uses hues that blend very well with beautiful gardens where bohemian weddings best take place.


A boho wedding can have mismatched bridesmaid dresses that may still feature an element of unity or cohesiveness. Create bouquets with whimsical and wild arrangements or use other stuff that can serve as an alternative for traditional bouquets.

You can also opt to have a lounge area that features beautiful bohemian ensembles like vintage carpets, dream catchers, god's eyes, and feathers.

For your carefree yet chic bohemian wedding in Metro Tagaytay, check out Casa Grande Flora in Silang.


Casa Grande Flora is an events venue that can cater to any special occasion. Guests at this property can check out the blooming flowers at the floral garden or take relaxing dips at the pool.

The Casa Grande Flora features an open garden and open function hall for a great bohemian wedding in Metro Tagaytay. The wedding reception venues can hold up to 200 guests.

Your delightful event stylist and wedding caterer in Metro Tagaytay

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