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Why Metro Tagaytay Remains the Top Spot for Destination Weddings

June 10, 2024

Why Metro Tagaytay Remains the Top Spot for Destination Weddings

Metro Tagaytay has long been celebrated as the premier destination for weddings in the Philippines. With its stunning landscapes, cool climate, and array of beautiful venues, it's no wonder that so many couples choose to say their vows here. Recently, this idyllic location has captured the hearts of several Filipino celebrities, further cementing its status as the top spot for destination weddings. Let's explore why Metro Tagaytay remains the ultimate wedding destination, highlighted by the glamorous nuptials of Mika Delacruz and Nash Aguas, as well as Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon.

The Allure of Metro Tagaytay:

Metro Tagaytay offers a unique blend of natural beauty and sophisticated charm. The area's breathtaking views of Taal Volcano, lush gardens, and serene ambiance create the perfect backdrop for any wedding. The cool climate is another significant draw, providing a refreshing escape from the heat and humidity often found in other parts of the Philippines. Additionally, the region boasts a variety of exquisite venues, from grand ballrooms to intimate garden settings, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Recent Celebrity Weddings in Metro Tagaytay:


Photo by Metrophoto


Photo by Metrophoto

Mika Delacruz and Nash Aguas - Adriano's Events Place

One of the most talked-about weddings of the year was that of child stars Mika Delacruz and Nash Aguas. Their wedding took place at the stunning Adriano's Events Place in Tagaytay, a venue known for its elegant design and picturesque surroundings. Town's Delight, an accredited caterer at Adriano's Events Place, provided an exquisite culinary experience for the couple and their guests, ensuring that every detail of the celebration was perfect.


photo by Myio Okamoto Photography


photo by Myio Okamoto Photography


photo by Myio Okamoto Photography

Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon - Alta Veranda de Tibig

Another high-profile wedding that took place in Metro Tagaytay was the union of Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon. Their special day was hosted at Alta Veranda de Tibig, a venue renowned for its romantic ambiance and breathtaking views.

Why Choose Town's Delight:


Town's Delight has earned its reputation as the number one caterer in Metro Tagaytay, providing exceptional service and culinary artistry for over 50 years. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail make them the preferred choice for couples looking to create a memorable wedding experience. As an accredited caterer at top venues like Adriano's Events Place and Alta Veranda de Tibig, Town's Delight ensures that every celebration is nothing short of extraordinary.

If you're dreaming of a magical destination wedding, look no further than Metro Tagaytay. With its stunning venues, enchanting landscapes, and the unparalleled service of Town's Delight, your special day will be one to remember. Explore exclusive deals and let Town's Delight bring your wedding vision to life.

Don't waitโ€”#CelebrateWithTowns and create the wedding of your dreams in the breathtaking setting of Metro Tagaytay.

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Metro Tagaytay continues to be the top choice for destination weddings, offering an unparalleled combination of natural beauty, sophisticated venues, and exceptional catering services. With recent high-profile weddings showcasing the area's allure, there's no better place to celebrate your love story. Trust Town's Delight to make your wedding day as magical and memorable as you've always dreamed.

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