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Wedding Venues in Tagaytay

September 27, 2020

Plan Your Dream Wedding in Tagaytay

Great weddings are never done overnight. Every beautiful wedding requires tremendous attention to detail from the grandest to the smallest ones. Wedding planning can take several days, months, and even years ahead of the actual big event.

Wedding planning in the past is a hassle to both parties of the groom and bride because of the things they have to consider. But now, several services are being offered to lessen the burden of wedding planning to couples.


If the thought of getting married sooner or later comes to mind, consider the excellent services of Town's Delight Catering & Events. Town's Delight is known for their excellence in the catering field and event styling. They also have tie ups with various properties in Metro Tagaytay that will suit your taste for your desired wedding reception venue.

Check out the wedding reception venues of Abagatan Ti Manila, Aminsana Events Place, Beatriz Garden, and Club Ananda all located within Metro Tagaytay.

Tagaytay Weddings at Abagatan Ti Manila

Abagatan Ti Manila in Tagaytay offers an open garden wedding reception venue. This property in Tagaytay can cater to outdoor weddings with guests of up to 150 persons.


With stylish architecture and beautiful garden landscapes, Abagatan Ti Manila in Tagaytay welcomes visitors of the groom and bride to laid-back vibes and cozy ambiance.

Tagaytay Weddings at Aminsana Events Place

Aminsana Events Place in Tagaytay provides an open garden as well as an air-conditioned function hall suitable as wedding reception venues. This Tagaytay wedding reception venue can accommodate weddings with visitors of up to 200 persons.


Tagaytay Aminsana Events Place offers quality wedding reception venues that have elegant decor and refreshing ambiance. The garden at this property makes for a cool backdrop for your dream wedding in Tagaytay.

Tagaytay Weddings at Beatriz Garden

Beatriz Garden in Tagaytay offers an open function hall suitable for your wedding reception venue. This property in Tagaytay can cater to indoor and outdoor weddings with guests of up to 300 persons.


Nestled within lush greeneries, Beatriz Garden is a wonderful respite not just for holidaymakers but also for the guests of the groom and bride in Tagaytay.

Tagaytay Weddings at Club Ananda

Club Ananda in Tagaytay offers an open garden and also an air-conditioned function hall that can serve as wedding reception venue for your dream event. This property in Tagaytay can cater to indoor and outdoor weddings with visitors of up to 200 people.


Club Ananda Tagaytay is perfectly situated within close proximity from well-known attractions in the area such as Caleruega Church and Chapel on the Hill.

Gastronomic Ideas for a Wedding in Tagaytay

For your catering needs at your chosen Tagaytay wedding reception venue, allow Town's Delight to excite you and your guests' taste buds.


Town's Delight has more to offer to fill your plate with something that would satisfy your palate.

Event Styling Ideas for Weddings in Tagaytay

There are lots of wedding themes to choose from and picking one seems an almost impossible task. In choosing your wedding theme, try to sort your personal taste from what looks good for other people. Sometimes, tastes are usually influenced not only by personal preference but also marketing and advertising from the media.


You will definitely need a helpful event stylist to make sure that all your wedding styling needs be met. Town's Delight Catering & Events must be your go to event stylist for your big day.

To help you pick your wedding theme for your dream wedding in Tagaytay, here are some of the trendy wedding themes.

Bohemian Wedding Theme in Tagaytay

A bohemian wedding calls for carefree yet elegant setup. Keep your Tagaytay wedding reception venue simple with rugs that have oriental design. Go for these ornaments instead of the traditional red carpet along the aisle. Decorative pillows can also serve as beautiful pieces on your wedding.


Art Deco Wedding Theme in Tagaytay

An art deco wedding is all about glitz and glamour meets jazzy vibes. This wedding theme includes vintage styling but in a very sophisticated way. Include bold daring fonts, gold ornaments and geometric shapes that exudes power and style.


Nautical Wedding Theme in Tagaytay

You do not need to have a beachfront wedding to pull a nautical wedding theme. Striped ornaments with white and blue creates a wave-like pattern that makes for a creative and relevant pieces for the wedding. Make use of other articles that can be found on the beach such as shells, ropes, anchors, and sailboats to bring the beach vibe in Tagaytay.


Why Dream of a Tagaytay wedding?

Tagaytay is a perfect spot for tourists seeking to find rest from the hubbub of the city. Located south of Manila, this dreamy city offers a cozy and cool environment where holidaymakers can retreat.

Aside from tourists, Tagaytay is also a haven for future grooms and brides as well as the visitors at their wedding.


At this charming city, you can take advantage of the cool climate for the comfort of your wedding guests on the big day. Most of the properties in Tagaytay features beautifully landscaped gardens that are suitable as wedding reception venues. Some even has breathtaking views of the famous Taal Volcano Island.

Booking a Tagaytay wedding would be a great deal now with help from Town's Delight Catering & Events.

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