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Planning a Destination Wedding in the South

May 24, 2021

In Manila, when you speak of weddings in “The South”, it’s always referring to Tagaytay Weddings. Over the years, the outdoor wedding trend has made it’s statement to couples. This alone marks the birth of couples dreaming to have a destination wedding. The South has proven to be one of the most “sought after" wedding destinations in the Philippines but the question is; is having a destination wedding just about the location? Or is it the holistic perspective of the whole package of what it takes to have the “Ultimate Destination Wedding”.

There's something special about getting married in the South where there is that perfect backdrop of the Taal Volcano. As gorgeous as this local scene is, don't forget the legwork that goes into planning a destination wedding. After all, there's more to take into account than the venue itself (although that definitely holds a high spot on the list of priorities). Make sure to incorporate local elements into your planning, design, food, and décor to make the experience authentic for your guests. And with these top 5 things to consider when planning your dream destination wedding, you can plan a memorable getaway for you and your guests.

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Pick the Perfect Destination Wedding Venue with a Breathtaking View


This makes the top priority from our list in planning a destination wedding. Treat your guests to a breathtaking view of the Taal volcano and the mountaintop views in an outdoor ceremony or reception. What is it really with Tagaytay that makes it such an ideal location for weddings?

Well, Tagaytay is one of the most famous wedding destinations in the country. Wanted for its cool weather and fascinating view of Taal Volcano and The Lake, Tagaytay offers the crowd with diverse options for wedding locations. Thus, it is entitled as the Wedding Capital of the Philippines. It’s not too far from Metro Manila and many people are familiar with it. One of the many things people love about Tagaytay is how close it is to Metro Manila, making it ideal for quick weekend getaways. Also, It’s always sweater weather in Tagaytay. No wonder it’s also a great place for lovers who want to cuddle while enjoying a great weekend staycation. This also means that Tagaytay is also ideal for you as you spend your first night together as a married couple!

Your wedding location determines not only the mood (rustic, sophisticated, beachy), but also the travel, weather and the overall vibe are required to pull it off.

Choose the Best Local Catering


How important is it to consider your Catering when planning your destination wedding? Well, it’s up to the couple how “authentic" the vibe of the local experience (from being a destination highlight) they want to achieve. Meaning, the more they want to incorporate the whole package of a destination feels, then its a big yes to getting the best catering vendor that has the local roots. Through this, from the food, styling, atmosphere, and hospitality, you got the whole complete package of a destination wedding.


Menu of Choice : Flavors of Local Crops & Delicacies


You know what’s another reason to get married in Tagaytay? It’s where you can find a lot of local fresh produced and quality ingredients plus so much local delicacies that will complete the dream getaway experience from the pre-wedding gatherings to the actual reception and the post wedding activities. No wonder, wedding banquets here are including local fresh food and delicacies to their actual wedding menu, especially if you’re working with a catering that is locally rooted you won't miss this advantage.

The Ultimate Destination Wedding Styling

Tagaytay Weddings are known for having that rustic, greenery, and romantic styling. Every destination wedding must have that natural look that compliments the venue. And because in the South you already have a breathtaking view, there's no need to overdo the styling. Just by simply incorporating nature's elements like leaves, wood, and sunshine is the key to achieving that dream destination "Rustic" themed wedding.

Check these photos out for some Destination Wedding Styling pegs :




Best Service : Local Genuine Hospitality


Destination Weddings are not only known for the venue, view, food, styling, or getaway activities, but it's very heart is the people. The warm welcome of locals and to add that kind of hospitality in your special day, it's a win! You'll never go wrong with having the best service in a very hectic day.

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