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Rustic Vigor Tagaytay Wedding Theme

September 27, 2020

Rustic Vigor: Tagaytay Wedding Theme

Beautiful calligraphies. Wood fixtures. Earth hues. These are some elements that make up a rustic theme for weddings in Tagaytay.

But what does rustic really mean? And why should you go for a rustic vigor wedding theme for your big day in Tagaytay?



By definition, rustic refers to things related to the countryside or things that bring the feels and looks of a rural environment.

In the wedding industry, “rustic” is being used to convey a homey feel at outdoor wedding receptions by incorporating tons of natural or nature-inspired elements.


The term rustic already has a broad meaning that encapsulating it in one definition would be an impossible task. However, rustic theme's wide scope allows couples to customize the trend according to their liking.

So how do you plan for a rustic wedding in cozy Tagaytay City? Here are some ideas that might help you in your wedding planning.

Elegant Wedding Dress

The bride and the groom are always the focal point in weddings. But no one has to look most beautiful on a wedding other than the bride. So make sure that the queen of the day wears an elegant flowing wedding dress that would surely arrest the attention of every guest.


Wedding Signs

Couples can buy ready made wedding signs or do it themselves. You can have wedding signs beautifully written in calligraphy on wood or even in chalkboards. You also do not have to shell out a large amount of money for these wedding ornaments.


Blooming Bouquets

Apart from the wedding dress, the bouquet is another important accessory of the bride. You can pick a bouquet that has plush and vibrant colors that would go well with your elegant wedding dress. You also have the option to pick an arrangement with a subtler look. Either way your wedding bouquet adds beauty and charm to you and your wedding in Tagaytay.


Groomsmen in Vests

Ask your groomsmen to don matching vests. They do not have to look like a cowboy or a countryman though. Vests add rustic charm to the event making your wedding day look remarkable on the photos.


Country-inspired Centerpieces

Putting too much thought on what to put at the center of your guests' tables? For a rustic wedding setup in Tagaytay you can use flowers, mason jars of varying sizes, and books. You actually have endless options but make sure to make each piece cohesive, simple and as much as possible inexpensive.


To make sure that you will have the best rustic wedding setup in Tagaytay, have the assistance of Town's Delight The Caterer. They are sure to deliver an excellent rustic wedding styling on your big day.

Catering for a Rustic Wedding in Tagaytay

For foods to be served on your rustic wedding in Tagaytay, go for comfort foods that will evoke a chill and laid-back feel to your event.

Town's Delight Catering & Events will prepare the meals at your wedding with utmost care and attention to your desired flavors.



From event styling to gastronomic needs on your rustic wedding day in Tagaytay, allow Town's Delight Catering & Events to be of help.

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