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12 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

September 27, 2020

12 Questions To Ask For Your Wedding Caterer

You are the boss of your own wedding. Your desires and demands serve as commands for your wedding suppliers. Therefore, you should not be hesitant in asking your suppliers of anything that has something to do with your dream wedding in Tagaytay -- especially with catering concerns.


Your caterer should be one of the top priorities in your wedding. These days the wedding reception is the highlight of the event and is where the catering service must live up to expectations of the guests and most especially the couple.

Before booking your wedding caterer for your big day, be sure to ask these 12 questions first.

1. How long have you been in the wedding catering industry?

You would definitely want an expert in handling the food to be served on your wedding day in Tagaytay. Years of experience is definitely a factor in the expertise of the caterer. Also, a wedding caterer who has already years of experience would be very enthusiastic to share with you of their works in the past.


2. How many weddings have you done in the past?

A good wedding caterer who has been in the business for years must have done a lot of weddings in the past. If this is not the case, there might be something wrong with the supplier. You can try checking out reviews about the wedding caterer as well.


3. Do you have photos of past events and references from past clients?

Make sure that the photos that the wedding caterer are showing are true and authentic. Check for pieces or fixtures that were common among the pictures such as the backdrop, centerpieces, and loveseats. Do not fall for 'too good to be true' campaigns and sweet talk because they are trained to do just that. It pays to be wise and have sound judgment.


4. Do you have a menu?

Ask your prospective wedding caterer to provide you with a menu. You can also ask if they can do a custom menu if you have certain preferences.


5. Can we schedule a food tasting?

Do not just select foods from the menu you wish to be served on your wedding day. To see and to taste is to believe.


6. What are your best-selling dishes?

While conducting the food tasting, you can ask which among the array of sumptuous cuisines in front of you are best-sellers. Best-sellers may or may not suit your taste but it never hurts to ask that question.


7. What are the portion sizes like?

Another thing you would surely want to know, is how would the plate of your guest would look like on your actual wedding. It would be better if your caterer can guarantee you with a generous serving per plate.


8. Where will you prepare the food?

This is another important query to ask your wedding caterer as it will affect the quality of food served on the time of the wedding reception. Foods have different shelf life. Some spoil quicker than the others. There is a better guarantee for fresher meals if they were prepared on site. However, service would be quicker if they were already cooked when brought at the venue. It would be good if the caterer can guarantee you of the food quality regardless of where they prepare the food.


9. What is your typical server to guest ratio?

This will determine whether the staff of your wedding caterer can deliver with prompt and quality beyond pressure during the big day.


10. How do you handle unexpected and extra guests?

Despite asking all of your guests to respond to your invitation on time, there are just few who would just surprise you on your wedding day. When this happen, it would be good if your wedding caterer knows how to handle this kind of unexpected situation and / or guest.


11. Can you accomplish our vision at the venue?

Ask them to guarantee that you and your wedding caterer are on the same page when it comes to styling your wedding reception venue.


12. Who will be in charge on the day of our wedding?

Ask who will coordinate the catering staff on that day so you can introduce him/her to your wedding coordinator (if you have one).


Now that you know what to ask, you just have to find wedding caterers to ask these questions to. Why not start with a caterer that has been in the business for decades? Contact Town's Delight Catering & Events NOW to find out more.

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