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5 Points To Consider In Choosing A Caterer For Your Wedding

September 27, 2020

5 Points To Consider In Choosing A Caterer For Your Wedding

Looking for the perfect food provider might seem a tedious task if not impossible. After all, the word perfect is very subjective. Hence, a perfect caterer is someone who can provide you and your significant other the best service that suit both of your wants and needs.

Speaking of your wants and needs, you also have to consider a lot of things when booking a wedding caterer.


Next in line of priority are your guests. You have to choose a wedding caterer that will also impress your visitors. After all, your food provider has one of the most budget allocation in your wedding budget plan.

Here are some tips that might help you in picking which caterer to book for your wedding day in Tagaytay.

Prepare The Wedding Budget and Guest List

Before you start your search for the perfect wedding caterer, you first have to sit down and create a wedding budget plan and a guest list. The wedding budget plan is a list of wedding must-haves alongside the budget allocation you and your partner has agreed to. Your guest list, on the other hand, is a simple list of all the people you want to be present in your special day in Tagaytay.


Failing to do these first thing in the preparation phase of your dream Tagaytay wedding would yield to problems later on such as overspending and / or not being able to raise the sufficient funds you both need.

Check Out Wedding Packages / Offers

After identifying how much you are willing to shell out for your wedding needs, you can now begin your look out for the perfect catering service.


There are wedding packages out there that offer a lot more aside from food service. Basic packages may include photo, video, event styling and other amenities such as pair of doves, registration table, and red carpet. More comprehensive or premium wedding packages include the use of more elegant fixtures and amenities such as tiffany and crystal chairs, flower arrangement, sounds and lights system.


A wedding catering package that includes more than just food service would give you more time for other matters concerning your wedding.

Trim Down Your Candidates

After window shopping for catering services, you now have to decide who among the bunch can best deliver with the budget that you are willing to give.

Having a limited budget does not equate to hiring a subpar catering service. Likewise, a big budget does not always guarantee a quality service. It still boils down to balance and negotiation. It does not hurt to pick three to four candidates you want to scrutinize more.


Know how much staff will be involved. Is the catering team willing to provide more serviced waiters for larger weddings? Guests will not only notice the foods served but the quality on how it was delivered on their plates.

You can also determine or ask your candidates how long have they been in the catering industry. Share your minor ideas with your caterers and observe how they are able to turn your ideas into promising visions. An experienced caterer surely knows how to turn your small ideas into an impeccable Tagaytay wedding.


Also, do not hesitate to check out their websites. Would it be acceptable for a catering service who is offering elegant styling and scrumptious cuisine to own a website that is poorly designed and lacks vital information? Of course, not. Websites of prospective caterers must also have pictures of their works in the past or a portfolio. Their websites and social media pages may also contain reviews which may be useful in finally choosing the best wedding caterer.

Do Not Be Afraid To Negotiate

After gathering all the information from the frontrunners to becoming your wedding caterer, narrow your selection further to two. This way, you will be more confident to negotiate since you know that you have a backup.


So how do you negotiate? Be sure to ask for freebies and extras. Normally, wedding caterers give quotations with high prices simply because they can. That is why you have to be sure what can they provide as complementary that is not in the package list. This way you will be able to get a good deal that is worth your money.

You can also ask for deals and quotations if you choose to pay in cash or installment basis. Wedding caterers would always love to be paid in cash because it would be convenient on their end. So be sure to demand and negotiate.

Choose The Best

When booking a wedding supplier, be it catering, event styling, florist, and others, always pick the best.

Since you are looking for the best wedding caterer in all of Tagaytay you need not to go far since Town's Delight Catering & Events is the leading food service provider for your big day.


Town's Delight has been in the business for over 40 years so you can be sure that they know how they will turn your wedding ideas into a magnificent event.

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